What is Unusual Fest?

At its core, the Unusual Fest is an anti-bullying advocacy initiative leveraging fun activities and training to help eliminate mean behaviour among people and create a safe environment for victims of bullying to thrive.

To further educate participants on the signs, causes and effects of bullying or being bullied, This program has been strategically designed to draw collaborative efforts from people, parents, schools, well meaning individual and corporate brands to sensitise our environment, instil and promote self love, empathy and confidence in people which in return plays a positive role in their day to day lives, relationships and the society at large.

It also seeks to teach people the beauty and benefits of craft creation. Most importantly, to teach people timeless principles that will help them to enhance personal effectiveness and leadership skills and be part of a supportive community of like minded people. We're focused on helping people unlock their potentials, enhance their performance and impact their primary environment.

Exciting Schedule

Contents ranging from workshops, to candle making, basket making, dance classes and more.

Diverse Speakers

From Finance, Entertainment, Art and more. Lots of amazing contents from a great well of experience.

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